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Visit the Paradise of Sfakia (Chora&Loutro)

Hora Sfakion


The county of Sfakia (GR: Σφακιά) is one of the most mountainous in Crete and one of the most heroic, beautiful and interesting. Sfakia are centred around the White Mountains mountain range, “Madares”, as they are called in Crete with 110 peaks and the most and biggest gorges. Sfakia remain the most wild and unspoiled landscape in all Crete.


Hora Sfakion, (GR: Χώρα Σφακίων) the seaside capital of the county, is a coastal village located on the Southwestern coast of Crete, 70 km from the city of Hania and 150 km from Iraklion. In its picturesque, enclosed harbor, the small boats from Agia Roumeli dock in the summer, bringing the hikers from the Samaria Gorge. Visitors can enjoy the quiet and calm of the village , on the seaside cafes and tavernas. The 500 inhabitants are occupied mostly with fishing and sheep and goat raising, producing excellent cheese such as Anthotyros, mizithra, etc. Recent years




Where to stay & eat:

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Hotel Samaria is one of the first hotels and restaurants in Chora Sfakion, catering to our guests in a traditional Cretan hospitality style, and is managed by Stavros Maggelakis, the chairman of the Cultural Heritage Foundation of Sfakia, famous for its traditional Cretan dance and music groups and performances, in Crete and abroad. Our hotel and restaurant have many guests and groups that are visiting the hotel year after year, of which the staff is very proud.








Hotel Samaria offers an exquisite seaside restaurant for your breakfast, lunch and dinner. The menu consists of a full palette of local Sfakian and traditional Cretan dishes, and international cuisine. All is freshly prepared by our staff in our modern and professional restaurant kitchen. You can eat outdoors on our shady terrace with full sea view, or indoors. Our friendly staff speaks Greek, English, German, French, and Russian, and can help you with choosing your meal. We also serve a selection of local Cretan wines, beers from the tap, and many other beverages, and fresh Sfakian pastries.

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You can find all the details here





Loutro Sfakion

Loutro is a seaside resort on the south coast of Chania Prefecture (south-western Crete, Sfakia area). It is only a few kilometres from Hora Sfakion, lying in the embrace of a cliff which towers 600 metres above the village.

Loutro is a unique spot in Crete for many reasons:

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  • its white buildings with blue windows are reminiscent of the Cyclades and are unique in Crete.
  • there is no road to Loutro. You can only go there by scheduled boat service (20 minutes from Sfakia) or on foot.
  • there is no road in Loutro itself, no cars and no motorbikes. Actually, there is one car, which is used to transfer supplies from the boat to a hotel.
  • all the houses are just a few metres from the water’s edge.
  • the sea is always calm and meltemia (northeasterlies) are unknown in Loutro

loutro sfakiwn

Where to stay & eat:











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What to do:

Rent a boat for the duration of your holiday (in Chania the winter- and Loutro – Sfakia the summer) 



Also organized trips with boats, daily and nightly tours for squid-fishing, with condition to have a fishing license (which is easy to port authorities and Sfakia Chania with a small fee, 2 photos, passport or identity card within 1 day). 
Charter vessel for the duration of your holiday as you wish for, with pre-booked room with achieving major cost reductions by reducing holiday. For pre-booked by telephone Minimum deposit of 50% of 4 days before your departure to the account number.

Beaches suggest exploring

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  • Agios Pavlos
  • Small and quiet beaches Perivolaki
  • Freshwater Beach
  • Beach Marbles
  • Beach iligkas

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