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Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare designer shares 10 tips for mastering multiplayer

Following the release of every Call of Duty game, there comes a time when playing online multiplayer feels impossibly hard, many other gamers knowing the maps inside and out.

Thankfully, there’s hope for us n00bs yet, as Infinity Ward’s Lead Multiplayer Designer Joe Cecot has shared with us 10 tips on how to master the Infinity Warfare‘s multiplayer modes. Enjoy and see you on the battlefield.

Joe, what are your 10 tips for mastering IW’s multiplayer mode?

1. Just because the game has unlimited sprint doesn’t mean you need to sprint all of the time. Pace yourself and use cover to your advantage.

2. Learn to read the Radar. Often by looking at where your team is you can predict where enemies are going to be lurking and where they came from.

3. Use a suppressor to reduce your signature. This can lead to you taking out two and three enemies at one time as they don’t know where the shots are coming from.

4. The Claw is a great, close to mid-range Payload weapon on the Warfighter. When using it and engaging multiple enemies up close fire from the hip. When attacking an enemy at mid-range Aim Down Sights to reduce your spread.

5. Set yourself up for success by using each weapon in its ideal situation. The NV4 is a slow firing, accurate weapon with high damage at long range. Use this weapon at post ups where you can keep the enemies away from you. The FH4-40 is a fast firing high recoil weapon with low damage range. Use this weapon to clear out close quarters areas. Pay attention to the weapon stat bars when choosing your loadout.

6. Mission Teams are a new layer of progression in Infinite Warfare. They allow you another way to level up in the game. Progressing your mission team rank unlocks a variety of content including Rig Customisation, Weapon Camos, Weapon Reticles, Weapon Cosmetics, Calling Cards and even Epic Weapon Variants! So, pay attention to your current active mission and try to complete it to the highest level possible.

7. Infinite Warfare introduces a large number of new Tactical equipment to help you in and out of fire fights. The Nano Shot drastically accelerates your health regeneration time for a set amount of time allowing you to recover from a fire fight and stay in the action. Personal Radar is a great option when you’ve pushed too far into an enemy controlled area and need to get you bearings. It quickly gives you a rough read out of enemy direction and proximity relative to you. Mastering these Tacticals can give you a serious edge.

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8. Overkill allows you to take two primary weapons. This option is unlocked from the start in Infinite Warfare to help players be prepared from the get go. If you’re going into a map that has varied combat ranges, strapping on a long-range Assault Rifle and a close-range Pump Action shotgun can really help.

9. The Drone Package is a great Support Streak that can turn the tides in a multiplayer match. This little drone delivers a care package to your location whether your inside or outside. The package contains a random streak. Anything from a UAV which puts enemies on the radar to a Remote Controlled C8 robot with two shield arms and one large arm cannon.

10. Lastly, each Combat Rig in Infinite Warfare is built around facilitating a specific playstyle. The Merc is a defensive Rig built around suppressive fire and holding down a location. The Synaptic Combat Rig is optimised for speed and close quarters combat. This Rig’s Payloads and Traits excel at getting up close and personal. The Stryker combat rig is built for area of control and squad support. Explore the Combat Rigs and find which one is right for you.


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