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Rehymno mare, luxury resort overlooking the Aegean sea

Crete, the largest island of Greece, often described as an island that has it all: an “ark” of rare natural beauty, Mediterranean culture and history. The name “Crete” first appears in Homer’s Odyssey, evoking and ancient and noble past.

Crete is a place that has something for everyone, ranging from stunning old towns, beautiful harbors, traditional villages, fantastic beaches, snow-capped mountains and world-famous Samarian Gorge.


Only 11 km away from the major city of Rethymno, is the picturesque town of Skaleta, one of the most spectacular towns of the island.  Located nearby, above a fantastic beach with crystal blue waters, is the Rethymno Mare resort, one of the most popular resorts of Crete, especially known for the awe-inspiring view of the Aegean Sea.


The resort recently undertook a major upgrade, and now combines modern luxuries with an unparalleled access to wonderful natural spots, hidden beaches, mysterious walking trails, and stunning mountain views.

The facility of Rethymno Mare contain a fantastic water park and all kinds of modern amenities, such as 2 pools, free wifi access, and even a tennis court. After a long day at the sea, visitors can take an opportunity for refreshments with a tasty cocktail at the Poseidon, and then enjoy a light meal at the Jasmine snack bar.

During nighttime, you can visit the Hemres Restaurant, located at the poolside. It offers a large choice of Cretan cuisine, the famous ‘Mediterranean diet’, which is particularly well known for its health benefits.

The resort is particularly popular with couples, who appreciate the romantic escapade to the nearby town of Skaleta, which gives you the opportunity to explore its winding paths, friendly people, and medieval architecture.

Rooms & Suites

There is a humongous amount of different rooms that are available for your choosing. It all depends on what your preferences are. Do you prefer access to the magnificent mountain? Do you want to have a lookout over the wine-dark sea?

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The choice depends on you, and Rethymno Mare is able to provide it, in the most impactful way. And even if you are looking for something outside the expected, there are more opportunities. There is table tennis, fish spa, darts tournament, a massage studio, and even a nightclub, which frequently invites famous DJ’s for an unforgettable night.

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