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Paros, this summer’s destination!

Paros, is the best destination for having fun, relaxing and living your dreams. A paradise hidden in the heart of the Aegean Sea. A place where anyone can live his dream, swim and enjoy the beautiful beaches all day long, do kitesurfing, explore the local villages and the uninhabited side of the island or enjoy the most intense and exotic night life you could imagine, just name your game and you will find it in Paros!

Thankfully Paros is very easy to reach as it is connected to Athens with regular and daily flights and ferries. Furthermore, during summer, Paros receives many direct flights from abroad. You can also visit Paros from other nearby islands like Santorini and Mykonos!

First thing one needs to know about Paros is that it has some of the best beaches of Greece. With more than 120km of coastline there are many idyllic beaches, harbours and natural rock formations.

The most famous beach is located near Naoussa and is called Kolimbythres, which consist of small sandy coves boarded with huge blocks of rocks and aligned one after another resembling small swimming pools. It is a unique experience to swim there and it is highly recommended.

Paros has also become very famous in the last few years for the amazing wind conditions during July and August, which make it the perfect destination if you are into windsurfing or kitesurfing! One of the best places to enjoy those sports is the Golden Beach. The sand there is indeed golden and you can find plenty of windsurfing facilities there. During August the Professional Windsurfing World Cup is organized there.

But of course Paros isn’t only about beautiful beaches and water-sports. The island itself has a vast history and there are many interesting and extraordinary things to see. I could probably write a very big list of the things one can see in Paros, but i will give you the top 3.

Panagia Ekatontapiliani is the most famous historic monument of Paros. The legend has it that Saint Helene, during her journey to the Holy Lands to search for the Holy Cross, a storm brought her in Paros, where she promised to the Virgin to build a church if her quest was successful. Her son Saint Constantine, first emperor of Constantinople built the church after her death and it dedicated it to the Assumption of the Virgin. On 15th of August a big festival is held there.

The Venetian Castle, located in the old port of Naoussa. It is very characteristic of this lovely town. It was constructed during the 15th century by the Venetians to be as a watchtower/fortress against pirate and enemy attacks. Its strategic location was very convenient for surveying the surrounding Sea and due to its architecture it was very difficult for the enemy ships to approach the port.

The Valley of butterflies. Or simply Petaloudes, which is the greek word for butterflies. The valley is hidden from the main road, located in the foot of a hill under a natural well. The area is similar to a park and each pathway is well-defined.

Like every island in Greece, Paros has many places where someone can enjoy local delicacies and fresh seafood. Among many places, some however stand out, some for their quality and innovation, others for their traditional atmosphere. We discovered two of them for you and we will share every detail with you!

Tsachpinis, Ouzeri ton Nautikon

Located on a small graphic harbour, where you can literally smell the sea and feel the salty summer breeze, a traditional Greek special kind of restaurant called “Ouzeri”, will offer you a unique cultural taste experience!
Fresh seafood, local delicacies, traditional Greek spirits everything while enjoying the view of the vast Aegean Sea!

Mario Restaurant

On the same harbour, you will also find a completely different experience. Mario restaurant is offering elegance, authenticity and refinement. The food is prepared with the freshest of products and every dish is created with skill and imagination of the chef. Its a fine mix of tradition and modernity, a joy for the eye as well for the mouth. Its the perfect chance to reward yourself with the luxury you certainly deserve!

Nothing makes the summer vacation more relaxing than the place you are staying. You will after all spent some time there, so why not be able to lay back and enjoy your stay? We found just the place for you and its situated in Paros most beautiful city, Naoussa!

Kalypso Hotel, Villas & Apartments

Kalypso has everything one can ask for. Located right in front of the Sea, it offers a breathtaking view of the Aegean Sea. The complex is family-run and with the hospitality they are offering, you will feel right at home. It has modern facilities and it is ready to cover every demand you may have. The Studios have everything you may need, a fully equipped kitchen a sea view. For people wanting a little bit more space the Hotel offer also Apartments with a nice living room. And for those who want to gift themselves a bit of luxury, Hotel Kalypso offers also Villas with private terraces and a four person jacuzzi so you can enjoy the night sky in the privacy of your own paradise.

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