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Fit in the City by RUBY WARRINGTON: Kill your cravings with cinnamon and herbal tea

article-2613869-1D5F90BE00000578-98_634x452Samantha Cameron feeling the pinch

No pain no gain: Samantha Cameron reportedly enjoyed a Shiatsu massage on holiday

No pain no gain: Samantha Cameron reportedly enjoyed a Shiatsu massage on holiday

Cherie and Tony Blair were famously fans of a nice firm massage – on the table of fitness guru Carole Caplin.

Now it seems Samantha Cameron is getting in on the act, reportedly ‘indulging’ in Shiatsu massage while on holiday in Lanzarote over Easter.

I put the word indulging in inverted commas because this Japanese type of body manipulation, which works on the same principal as acupuncture and reflexology, involves lots of pinching, pulling, and pain.

It can be used to treat everything from general stress to digestive problems and even migraine. You do feel fabulous afterwards – but it is far from relaxing.

The trend for being a weekday vegan might sound daft in a ‘what IS the point?’ kind of way.

But I was interested to hear that former US President Bill Clinton, who famously gave up eating meat or animal-derived produce completely in a bid to improve his cardiovascular health, has started eating fish again on the advice of his doctor, Mark Hyman.

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I’ve met Hyman and he sums up his philosophy: ‘It’s hard being a vegan to eat enough good, quality protein and [easy] to have too much starch,’ he said. ‘I know a lot of fat vegans.’

Office biscuit tin is the worst stress

I was interested to read that in a recent poll, 42 per cent of US workers had left a job due to an excessively stressful environment.

Meanwhile 61 per cent of American workers believe that work stress has been a cause of illness  for them.

In a lot of cases, the office environment itself can be to blame – and I for one know that since leaving my job to work for myself, I feel ten times healthier.

Not least, it got me away from the office feeders, who loved to crack open the chocolate biscuits  at 4pm every day on the dot.

Gymwear’s a good spot

Here’s a fitness fashion  must-buy!

I recently travelled Down Under to visit friends and family in Australia and came across Vie Active, a new fitness label based near Bondi Beach.

I definitely took a bit of time out from my usual exercise routine while I was away, but the brilliant leggings, worn by a model on the left, have inspired me to get back in the gym pronto. Check out the styles at


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