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Crete, a place of great variety

Crete, the largest island of Greece, is a place of great variety: Mediterranean natural beauty, ancient history, and the very colorful local Cretan culture. The name “Crete” first appears in Homer’s epics, evoking a long and noble past.

Crete is a place that has everything: ranging from picturesque old towns, natural harbors, traditional villages up in the mountains, spectacular local recipes, and of course, the world-famous Samarian Gorge.

The city of Heraklion is the perfect base for your exploration, since it is located very close to the two major archeological sites of Crete, Knossos Palace and Phaistos Palace. The city itself is full of architecture from the Venetian period.

Where to Stay

Ethereal White Resort
In the city of Heraklion, surrounded by several well-known attractions, such as Morosini Fountain and the Municipal Art Gallery, located in a tranquil environment, you will find the Ethereal White Resort, the city’s newest gem. Whether you are looking for rejuvenation, a romantic excursion, or just passing by during a business trip, the resort has something to offer to everyone.

With its opulent rooms and elegant decor, the Ethereal White Resort is the best place in town to relax after the day’s excitement. The resort is available for bookings all year long, allowing its guests to enjoy its top-notch services.

The resort combines the advantage of living in the city center and at the same time offering you the serene atmosphere of a far-away retreat. Ethereal White Resort provides its guest with unparalleled spa facilities, a spa pool and a new state-of-the-art gym. 

Lato boutique hotel

Located in a most privileged location, overlooking the Aegean Sea, the old harbor and the Venetian fortress, while being only a few breaths away from the historic city center, Lato boutique hotel offers a unique accommodation experience.

The hotel is fully renovated, offering a variety of rooms and suites for every traveler. Inspired from its surroundings, the rooms harmonize perfectly with the sky and sea, blending blue and white tones perfectly together. This results in a most pleasant and relaxing experience for its guests.

Lato boutique hotel extends its hospitality by offering its guests extravagant culinary options. Starting with breakfast in the hotels Aroma breakfast room, the traveler can experience fresh Cretan products. Lato hotel also offers two unique dining options: the Brillant Restaurant, which emphasizes traditional Greek meals while also adding Mediterranean touches, and the Herb’s Garden Restaurant which is located on the hotels roof and offers unlimited view of the city and the old harbor while enjoying a culinary journey like no other.

Where to Eat

Apiri Greek Eatery
Apiri Greek Eatery is a restaurant unlike any other. Here, you will find a unique fusion of traditional Greek cuisine with Scandinavian modernism. Apiri is a project conceived from the famous international chef Stefanos Lavrenidis.

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The dishes here have as their starting point Greek tradition, with an emphasis on the Cretan element, while modern Scandinavian cooking techniques are used discreetly, balanced and always in moderation.  Many raw materials are grown on an estate just outside of Heraklion. And of course, there is a skilled team of professionals ready to supply you with Greek high-quality wines from the vineyard, along with a wide variety of spirits, ouzo and aged tsipouro.

This unique chef’s journey is not to be missed. It is an extraordinary gastronomic event that will remain with you for a long time after.

Peskesi Restaurant
Dining at Peskesi Restaurantis such a gastronomic experience, that you shouldn’t skip it during your vacations. Located inside a restored historic mansion, Peskesi is a unique place that provides traditional Cretan cuisine in the very heart of the city of Herakleion.

Peskesi does not focus on taste alone. The restaurant aims to convey to its guests the whole Cretan tradition. That is why Peskesi’s dishes result from many years of research, utilizing traditional Cretan recipes and local raw materials. After your dining, you can be sure that the taste and aromas will become engraved in your memory for a long time.

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