Coronavirus: Richzeal Albufera fund hits £10k target

Coronavirus: Richzeal Albufera fund hits £10k target

The widow of a scientist who died with coronavirus has thanked donors who raised £10,000 for his body to be sent back to his family in the Philippines.

Richzeal Albufera, 45, a biomedical scientist at Cottingham’s Castle Hill Hospital, died on 9 June.

His wife said: “Thank you to all who have kindly donated and for your caring messages.”

Fund organiser Nikkie Gromet said she was “quite overwhelmed” with the speed the fund had reached its target.

Mr Albufera’s wife, who did not wish to be named, said: “I just want to say a big thank you to everyone for their love and support during this difficult time.

“It truly shows how much Rich was very loved by all.

“We are now able to safely return Rich home and reunite him with his family.”

Mr Albufera, 45, died in Hull Royal Infirmary (HRI) after battling “severe complications” associated with coronavirus, Hull University Teaching Hospitals NHS Trust said.

He had worked for the trust since April 2005, most recently in the virology laboratory.

Mr Albufera’s wife is a nurse at HRI.

The fundraising page has raised more than £10,000 to date and was set up by Ms Gromet, a radiographer at Castle Hill Hospital, on 10 June.

The £10,000 target was set to meet the “significant cost” of the repatriation that was to be organised shortly, she said.