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Are you Team Ski or Team Snowboard? An age-old rivalry is put to the test

It’s a well-known fact that there’s no love lost between skiers and snowboarders. But which discipline do you think is better?

The age-old rivalry is being put to the test by active holiday specialist Neilson, which has enlisted the help of two Team GB Olympians in an attempt to settle the matter once and for all.

Freestyle skier Katie Summerhayes and snowboarder Jamie Nicholls feature in “Skiers vs Boarders”, a short film encouraging snow sports fans to take sides.

In the film, Katie argues that skiers will always come out on top because the sport is more impressive.

“Skiing just looks better when you get it right,” she says. “We can go faster, jump higher and make sharper turns than boarders.”

Unsurprisingly, Jamie disagrees, contending that skiers cut the piste up for boarders.

“Snowboarders have far more style on jumps and rails and when they fall to the floor they don’t explode into a million pieces and cry about it like skiers do,” he says.

Many would agree skiers win the battle of convenience, with snowboarders forced to unbuckle their bindings before every chairlift.

When it comes to après, though, snowboarders have skiers beat. Comfy board boots are much better for negotiating slippery staircases than cumbersome ski boots.

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The reignited debate comes as new research has revealed that only one in five Brits has been on a skiing holiday.

The Holiday Extras study of over 2,000 people also showed that only 36 per cent of those surveyed thought skiing was the most enjoyable part of a ski holiday.

Nine per cent of people preferred visiting the spas, nine per cent enjoyed the fresh air, and 27 per cent said simply being in the mountains was the best part of a winter holiday.

Perhaps both skiers and snowboarders have competition.

Add your voice to the debate here.


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