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Angry mothers staged a protest in Nottingham

Health290420141709034-1Angry mothers staged a protest in Nottingham today as a large group breastfed their children at a branch of Sports Direct.

Around 70 women met at the company’s Clumber Street store this afternoon and proceeded to peacefully protest against the treatment of a 25-year-old woman who claimed she was kicked out of the shop earlier this year for breastfeeding on the premises.

The issue related to the store’s treatment of Lincolnshire mother Wioletta Komar, who said she was asked to leave in January because breastfeeding was against “company policy”.

Mrs Komar claims she has complained to the store five times since the incident in January but has had no response, although it is believed the firm has now issued her with an apology.

Organiser Leah Gibson said: “We’re here today to stand up for breastfeeding women and their right to feed their children in public without being asked to leave places.

“The turn-out has been fantastic, probably more than I expected. It’s been really peaceful and calm, which is exactly what we wanted.

“We just wanted to show everyone that we can feed in peace, without showing everyone our boobs.”

“It’s shocking that we’ve still got this sexual ‘thing’ about boobs,” Ms Gibson added.

“Breasts were made to feed a child and to nourish. Only 1% of the population can’t physically feed their child this way so when you look at it like that, it shows you what they are for.

“Some mothers say ‘oh I don’t want to feed my baby because my boobs are for my partner’. No, they aren’t – they’re for your child.”

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The group spent around 15 minutes in the shop and organisers confirmed there were no issues with Sports Direct staff on this occasion.

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