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Ancient Epidaurus & Porto Heli

Is it even possible to combine two of the most beautiful places of Peloponnesus in a single trip? Follow this guide to find out!

Less than 2 hours away from Athens city centre lies Ancient Epidaurus. First thing to visit is of course the famous open-air theatre. The vibes of this place make it feel like its almost alive. Its beauty is breathtaking. Make your way to the top and take a deep breath while gazing the horizon.

If you started early from Athens, now would be the perfect time for swimming. You will have a unique opportunity to swim over the remains of ancient city walls. The crystal clear waters of the sea will give you a unique picture of the ancient civilization.

Our next stop will be the Museum of Epidaurus.

Take your time to admire the magnificent sculptures and the collection of various inscriptions. The museum also hosts architectural parts from the temple and the buildings of the shrine of Asclepius, as well as inscribed columns and pedestals, altars, bronze medical equipment, sculpted votive offerings and tablets.

After our visit in Epidaurus is complete, we can move to our next destination, Porto Heli. Its only a short drive away.

Porto Heli is a cosmopolitan hangout and has every ingredient needed for the perfect vacation. Beautiful beaches, picturesque Mediterranean landscape, fresh fish and a very lively night life.
Take a stroll through its streets thriving with life and shops of every kind. Dine at the local restaurants and enjoy fresh seafood.
Porto Heli has only a small beach, but in the vicinity are many alternative options, like Hinitsa which is surrounded with tall pine trees and the has golden fine sand.

The place you want to stay once in Porto Heli is Nikki Beach resort & spa. Nikki Beach is located on the heart of the Greek Riviera. It combines the elements of music, dining, entertainment, fashion, film and art into one.

The resort spans over 8,000 square meters and offers more than 60 avant-garde hotel rooms and suites, a restaurant, a spa, and the famous Beach Club.
From balconies and patios to private terraces and pools, it has everything you will need to transform your stay into a unique experience.
The restaurants renown chefs will prepare the perfect Mediterranean recipe from fresh materials and present it in the most creative way.
Whether you seek to simply enjoy the sea & sun or you seek a thrilling social experience, Nikki’s Beach resort has everything you will need and maybe even more.

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