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5 Real Toxics for Your Relationship

timthumbHaving argued with your boyfriend or husband is a common thing in a relationship. But what if it has become a routine schedule in your daily? No Hugs, No seduces or even a brief kiss… well, what happen with your relationship? I think you better check it all; maybe there are love toxics which you have done. There are 5 love toxics which could ruin your love. 1. Become a watchdog If you always read all the short text message in his cell-phone or keep calling him to ask “what are you doing now?”, or you always observe his gesture like you are a true bodyguard. Well I think you should stop your habit. It is the same with a kind of indirect terror to his life. Everyone needs privacy, especially man. You better learn to be a open minded person, and ask something directly when you think there is something suspicious out there. But remember, ask it wisely and not in anger. 2. Comparing When you argue with him, you start to find all his bad attitudes and start to compare everything about him to your ex-men or even your friends. Hey, please put your life back to reality. The man you should face right now is him, not your ex-men or your friends, no couples in this world never been argued. See him as an ordinary human who have weakness. Just find the good and positive side of him. 3. Tell the others all about your relation’s problems I know there is time for you to tell a story about something to your friends, but it doesn’t mean you should tell them all about your boyfriend or husband. If you think you are really need to tell something deep in your heart, choose someone in a neutral position, not someone who always blames you or your man. 4. Take a fight for a nonsense reason Maybe it is true when you think that he is always treat you unfair, but it is a toxic when you always levers up illogical things in when you fight with him. Try to find solution while you fighting, not just fight in order to be a winner. 5. Never accept his apologize This is the most dangerous toxic in your love. You never accept his apologize for what he has done and or do not want to listen all his reasons. It is hard to forgive or even forget all those mistakes, but if you are heartily forgive him; you will surely make a provision against everything with him. But when you stay mad at him for some of his attitude which hurt you so bad, make a decision: will you forgive him or just leave him? If you keeping in anger, you better leave him if you think it is hard to forgive him. It’s better to start a new relationship than to continue unhealthy relationship. Go to the mirror and ask yourself, do your relationship is safe enough and quite healthy for your future? – See more at:

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