Romania, your next destination

Romania is becoming one of the most popular travel destinations in the last couple of years. More and more tourists are attracted by its rich history, vast nature and intense nightlife.
All together in just one place? Yes, that sound exactly like Romania.

Although most of the visitors chose to visit Bucharest or the seaside as their destination, Romania has more than that to offer. In order to discover the real Romania you need to get out into the countryside and enjoy what the mountains in the center of the country have to offer: a breathtaking landscape and the best possible hiking experience.

But how exactly does someone prepare a travel to a country that big and with so many tourist attractions like Romania? Thankfully the answer is rather simple, all you have to do is to let a tour agency do all the hard work for you. Romania Tour Store is a fine example. It combines experience, professionalism and deep knowledge of Romania. Whether you want to visit only Bucharest, the whole Romania or even all eastern Europe, Romania Tour Store can make it happen.

Must visit

Romania has a very rich history and under every stone you turn you will discover something new. A lifetime probably won’t be enough to explore every corner of this beautiful country. In this article we will try to cover most of it.


The Savings Bank Palace

During the 19th century Bucharest was also know as the “Little Paris” and was famous for its beauty. Being the capital of Romania, it is well known for the magnificent tree-lined boulevards and the for the grand Belle Epoque buildings, today its a modern metropolis, a bridge between past and future.
According to the Romanian legends, the city was founded on the banks of the river Dambovita by a shepherd named “Bucur” which means joy.

Revolution Square

This is the square where the notorious Nicolae Chausecu‘s final moments in power where broadcasted around the globe on 1989.

On the far side of the square stands the former Royal Palace, now home to the National Art Museum, and the Romanian Athenaeum, the historic Athenee Palace Hotel. At the south end of the square, you can visit the small, but beautiful, Kretzulescu Church.

Where to eat

Only one thing is richer than Romania’s history, and luckily its also extremely tasty. Romania’s culinary treasures are valued and you should not forget to try them out.


Combining traditional tastes with modern dishes, Bazaar is probably the best place to eat when you travel in a large group. The place itself feels very cosy and is located right in the heart of Old Bucharest, near Unirii (Union) Square. After sundown you can not only enjoy your dinner there, but you can also enjoy your drink. Bazzar transforms from a restaurant to the perfect place to start your night.

The best access route on Covaci Street is from Halelor, Caldarari and Sepcari Streets (pedestrian only). If you prefer to come by car, you can find the closest parking places in Cocor or Unirii parking lots.

Joseph, by Joseph Hadad

Joseph, by Joseph Hadad is a restaurant and also not a restaurant. You could say its more like an idea. If you decide to visit it, be prepared for an experience unlike any other you may had in your life. The food is prepared in the most passionate way and presented to you as a piece of art. The place itself makes you feel comfortable and you will love it from the first moment. The deco of the interior is well picked and modern, giving a note of luxury and also simplicity.
Chef Joseph Hadad has dedicated the last 40 years into exploring the high cuisine. With his vision and passion he has been creating a culinary legacy in Romania for the past 22 years.

Where to stay

InterContinental Budapest

InterContinental Budapest

InterContinental Budapest is located on the most stunning riverbank walkway in Budapest called the Danube Promenade, which also is a UNESCO world heritage site, the hotel offers a magnificent view of the city and the river.
The hotel has everything you will need, accommodation, restaurant and of course a spa.
Should you chose to dine outside the hotel, you will have exclusive access to a number of exciting locations where they serve the panned menu at the same high standard as in the hotel.
The hotels also offers a variety of rooms to meet every taste, starting from standard rooms and for the more demanding there is also a selection of executive rooms and suites.


The Council Square

Located in the Southern Carpathian Mountains and resplendent with gothic, baroque and renaissance architecture, as well as a wealth of historical attractions, Brasov is one of the most visited places in Romania. Gothic spires, medieval gateways, Soviet blocks and a huge Hollywood-style sign: Brasov’s skyline is instantly compelling. A number of medieval watchtowers still glower over the town. The city was founded in 1211 by the Teutonic Knights.
Unlike Bucharest which combines the elements of a modern metropolis and a medieval legacy, Brasov has a feeling of an old town, with a unique atmosphere, feeling almost like travelling to the past.

Where to eat

Sergiana Restaurant

Located in the old city this restaurant feels like a portal leading to the past. Once you enter you can’t get rid of the feeling that you travelled back to medieval times. It is simply unique. The cuisine is also very well cared, with many local delicacies and all the meats are from local production. Moreover the vast selection of wines makes the place the best choice for meat lovers.

Where to stay



Hirscher Residence is located in the center of the historic Old Town of Brasov, just 200 meters away from the Main square and the pedestrian shopping street. The building was built in 1847 and since its renovation in 2018 is offering its guest the best possible accommodation and a highly professional service. All the rooms are modern and spacious, making the hotel ideal for short but also for long-term stay. Whether it is a deluxe room or a standard room, Hirscher Hotel will have everything you will need.
Once you enjoyed your breakfast and you are ready to start your day, you will be happy to find that all the tourist attractions, shops and hiking trails are located near Residence Hirscher and you can simply enjoy your walk while visiting everything.