Party eyes: For me, a glittery shadow is the ultimate going out product

Party eyes: For me, a glittery shadow is the ultimate going out product

We’re right in the thick of parties, soirées and catch-ups and I can’t be the only one who has a wardrobe bursting with clothes, and yet seemingly nothing to wear. Come December, with its avalanche of invitations, my year-round tactic of dressing on the casual side of smart-casual suddenly feels woefully inadequate.

But better to be under rather than over-dressed I say, as long as the host hasn’t specified a dress code of Black bloody Tie or something equally unrealistic. And if there’s one way I can get in the party spirit it’s with a bit of slap. I tend not to wear eye make-up for every- day – I blame it on the fact that I wear glasses and have a mole-like tendency to rub my eyes, but it could just be bone idleness. So for me a glittery shadow is the ultimate going out out product. Of course woman cannot sparkle by shadow alone, so out too come the eyelash curlers, mascara and eyeliner – and a good primer to stop it all sliding straight off.

Eye tint in Hollywood 17 

£27, Giorgio Armani,

This creamy formulation couldn’t be easier to apply, thanks to the inbuilt brush, providing a pleasingly delicate pink shimmer.

Sequin eye shadow in Constellation 


A gorgeous chocolate brown shadow shot through with a hint of bronze and gold, it can be built up to dramatic effect.

Colour-drenched pigment in Tonight’s the Night 


This is a one-pot wonder: a rich blue-green that will look particularly special on those with brown or hazel eyes.

Colour Chameleon in Intoxicating Violet 


Use this chubby colour-rich crayon to line eyes for a subtle look, or apply over the whole lid for a more full-on finish.

Eyeshadow in Stud

Part of a limited edition collaboration with photographer Steven Klein, a light sweep of this sparkly mushroom shade should suit everyone.

Beauty spot


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