In 155 countries women still face legal discrimination. The consequences are huge

You might think that gender inequality today has more to do with social obstacles than legal ones. Like companies paying a young graduate less than the salary negotiated by her male classmate. Or women doing more unpaid household work than their male partners. You would be wrong. A recent World Bank survey of 173 countries […]

A guide to the menopause

What are the symptoms of the menopause? They include hot flushes, where women suddenly experience a wave of heat and their skin can flush red, night sweats, insomnia, tiredness, mood swings and vaginal dryness, which can affect desire for sex. Why does it happen? Because of the drop in the woman’s naturally made hormones, particularly […]

Why do the police still tell women that they should avoid getting raped?

“Women warned after Gainsborough assault.” “Police warn women walking alone after riverside incident.” “Serial sex attacker strikes again as ninth victim is assaulted and police warn women to be on their guard.” “Police issue warning to women not to walk or travel alone after woman grabbed in latest incident.” “Fugitive rapist: women urged not to […]