Same-sex mice have babies

Baby mice have been made with two mums and no dad, say researchers at the Chinese Academy of Sciences. It took a substantial feat of genetic engineering to break the rules of reproduction. The scientists said the “bimaternal” (two mammas) animals were healthy and went on to have pups of their own. But there was […]

Zimbabwe cholera outbreak: Anger at crowdfunding scheme

Zimbabwe has launched a crowdfunding campaign to deal with an outbreak of cholera that has so far killed 25 people, mostly in the capital, Harare. New Finance Minister Mthuli Ncube sent an appeal on Twitter, sharing a mobile payment account number. An emergency has been declared and public gatherings banned in Harare to prevent the […]

Gene-editing hope for muscular dystrophy

Scientists have for the first time used gene-editing to treat Duchenne muscular dystrophy in a large mammal, a significant step towards effective treatment for people with the disorder. The condition, which has no cure, leads to loss of muscle function and strength and ultimately an early death. But in a study on dogs, scientists were […]

No alcohol safe to drink, global study confirms

No alcohol safe to drink, global study confirms

  Bad news for those who enjoy what they think is a healthy glass of wine a day. A large new global study published in the Lancet has confirmed previous research which has shown that there is no safe level of alcohol consumption. The researchers admit moderate drinking may protect against heart disease but found […]

Measles cases hit record high in Europe

Cases of measles in Europe have hit a record high, according to the World Health Organization (WHO). More than 41,000 people have been infected in the first six months of 2018, leading to 37 deaths. Last year there were 23,927 cases and the year before 5,273. Experts blame this surge in infections on a drop […]

Vagina rejuvenating therapies ‘pose serious risk’

Women are being warned against risky cosmetic “rejuvenating” procedures to reshape and tighten the vagina. Experts say the “therapies”, offered by some private clinics in the UK and the US, pose a serious risk of burns, scarring and recurring pain. Typically during these procedures, a probe is inserted into the vagina to heat or laser […]

First malaria drug in 60 years given approval

A drug to treat malaria – the first such pill to get approval in 60 years – has been given the green light by authorities in the United States. The medicine is specifically for the recurring form of malaria, which makes 8.5 million people ill each year. This type of malaria is a particular challenge […]

Brain damage ‘more likely in cardiac arrest patients given adrenaline’

Cardiac arrest patients who are treated with adrenaline are significantly more likely to have severe brain damage if they survive, a new study has found. Adrenaline is routinely used as a last resort when other treatments fail. A study of 8,000 patients found that while it slightly increased the chances of survival, patients who had […]

Johnson & Johnson to pay $4.7bn damages in talc cancer case

Johnson & Johnson has been ordered to pay $4.7bn (¬£3.6bn) in damages to 22 women who alleged that its talc products caused them to develop ovarian cancer. A jury in the US state of Missouri initially awarded $550m in compensation and added $4.1bn in punitive damages. The verdict comes as the pharmaceutical giant battles some […]

Emerging sex disease MG ‘could become next superbug’

A little known sexually transmitted infection could become the next superbug unless people become more vigilant, experts are warning. Mycoplasma genitalium¬†(MG) often has no symptoms but can cause pelvic inflammatory disease, which can leave some women infertile. MG can be missed – and if it is not treated correctly, it can develop resistance to antibiotics. […]