Handmade ceramics from Crete

The ceramic workshop of Michael Laventzakis was founded in 1980 as a small family business in Chania, which over the years has managed to raise the quality, to grow the range and create one of the finest ceramics art workshops in Crete. The designs are inspired by Greek Folk Art. They are entirely handmade, with techniques that revive […]

Seven of dozens who wreaked havoc outside Parliament charged

Seven of the dozens of individuals who participated in the violent incidents at yesterday’s large rally against the Greece-FYROM Prespa Agreement have been arrested and face felony and misdemeanour charges. An Athens prosecutor has charged them with two felony counts and six misdemeanours. The charges are as follows: • Intentional explosion with the use of […]

Athens Avenue Hotel – The new entry in Greek capital

Luxury and Comfort Redefined in Athens.. Accommodation Athens Avenue is a brand new hotel, modernly designed and in perfect alignment with the natural surroundings. Most rooms boast wonderful views to Syggrou Avenue, the picturesque church of Agios Sostis, Acropolis and Lycabettus Hill and even Piraeus and Athenian Riviera. Select the type of room or suite […]

Vikos SA: a Greek success story in business

Vikos SA, a Greek water and beverage bottler, has invested around 125 million euros in the 25 years of operation from 1992 until today, with this year’s investment program budgetted at 25 million euros. The strategic goal of Sepeta family, owner of the company, is to form a business and marketing strategy allowing the company […]

Egypt tourism Q&A: After Hurghada hotel attack, what are rights for holidaymakers?

Flights to Hurghada – the Egyptian resort where three foreign tourists were injured in an attack on the Bella Vista hotel – are continuing as normal, with EasyJet’s 11.15am flight taking off from a murky Gatwick as planned. The airline is telling passengers: “We are concerned to hear of the attacks in Hurghada.” But it adds: “As the […]

Trident: Getting agreed Labour position ‘may be impossible’

Shadow home secretary Andy Burnham says it may be “impossible” for Labour to reach an agreed position on Trident. Mr Burnham, who backs renewal of the UK’s nuclear weapons, said a review by shadow defence secretary Emily Thornberry would be “very difficult”. Jeremy Corbyn backs unilateral nuclear disarmament and Scottish Labour has already adopted such […]

Prisons ‘overhaul’ announced by David Cameron

Six “reform prisons” are to be created in England and Wales as part of a pilot to tackle high levels of violence and re-offending, David Cameron has said. The governors would have autonomy over their operation and budgets, he said. The PM also announced new powers to speed up the deportation of foreign inmates and […]

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